Dynamics of Musculoskeletal Human Model

Musculoskeletal Human Model
fig.1  Musculoskeletal Human Model

Result of Inverse Dynamics
fig.2  Result of Inverse Dynamics


    In this research, we try to estimate the somatosensory information of human during whole-body motions. We developed a detailed musculoskeletal human model shown in Figure 1 and applied the dynamics computation algorithms for kinematic chains. The muscle forces are computed by linear or quadratic programming.
    Figure 2 illustrates a result of inverse dynamics computation, where the color of each muscle changes from yellow to red as the force increases.

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Awards, Patents
-- Research Promotion Prize from the Robotics Society of Japan in 2003


Katsu Yamane, Mihoko Otake, Akihiko Murai, Koji Tatani
Kazutaka Kurihara, Ichiro Suzuki, Kennosuke Goshi, Yusuke Fujita

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