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Mechanism and Control of Humanoid

Humanoid robots
Omni-directional Vehicle
Hydraulic Robotics

Dynamics-based Information Processing

Motion Recognition and Generation
Statistical information processing for unification of movement pattern recognirion and generation
Mimetic communication(Takano method)
Feature vector space(Kadone method)
Recognition and generation from partial observation

Learning motion patterns by imitating others\' motions and aquiring them as motions of itself is getting to be able to recognize and generate the acquired motion. Besides, description and memory of acquired motions are thought to be a unit of symbolic description of the motion and provide base for linguisitic descriptions.

In these points of view, we have been working on "Dynamics-Based Information Processing" ,which applies a deterministic difference equation, and "Statistic Information Processing", which applies a statistic and stochastic model.

Somatic Sense Calculation and Measurement

Human figure
High-speed forward-kinematic algorithm of variable link mechanism
Behavior capture system
Motion generation with consideration of dynamical compliance
Flexible inverse-kinematic algorithm(UTPoser)
Dynamic-algorithm of human musculo-skeletal model and estimation of somatic sense information

Virtual human models are essential tools for humanoid robotics, cognitive information processing, CG animation, and medical applications. These pages briefly introduce our research on dynamics computation, generation, and measurement of motions of human figures.

Other Projects